Una nueva encuesta muestra virtual empate entre Obama y Romney

Publicado el  Domingo 04 de noviembre de 2012

Foto: AFP/Archivo

(09:11) Dos días antes de la elección en Estados Unidos, la carrera entre el presidente Barack Obama y el candidato republicano Mitt Romney permanece cerrada en un virtual empate nacional, de acuerdo con una encuesta difundida este domingo.

Obama cuenta con el apoyo del 48% de los votantes, mientras que Romney tiene el 47%, según el sondeo de NBC News/Wall Street Journal. Hace dos semanas, la misma encuesta de las organizaciones indicó que los candidatos obtendrían el 47% cada uno.

La nueva encuesta muestra que el 68% de los participantes aprueba cómo el presidente manejó la emergencia por la supertormenta Sandy. Solo el 15% lo desaprueba.

Otro sondeo publicado este domingo, de ABC News/Washington Post, mostró que Obama y Romney están empatados con 48%.

Unos 1,475 posibles votantes fueron entrevistados vía telefónica entre el 1 de noviembre y el 3. El error es de más menos 2.55 puntos porcentuales.


2 Comentarios to “Una nueva encuesta muestra virtual empate entre Obama y Romney”

  1. sharon walker dice:

    Dear Friends:

    How many and who among you would want to toast with a sex offender? Would you want him sleeping in your house or bed or your children’s home or room? Romney is a Polygamist and proudly stated his mother is one. Which mother? His cousin is imprisoned right now as a sex offender. We have seen his, Romney’s rage and anger during this campaign and his son’s. His son threatened the life of President Obama. He threatened our President of the USA in public for the world to see. His mother sneered and the Mormons tried to minimize that. They tried to cover up that his cousin is in prison for sex crimes.

    Do you want that in your house? The newspapers of Phoenix, West Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ during the nineties had articles about Mitt Romney aka Mitt Ramsey and his anger was evident then as he lost his empire. Through bad investments and real estate. There was his name and face. He also was the counsel to his cousin as a Mormon (Bishop?). The Mormons are covering this up. Like Bain Corp! Like his birth certificate. Because he is not a natural born citizen and polygamist. Did his cousin and himself have the same father? Do you want this in the White House? Would your vote go for this type of person?

    Vote for Barrack Obama and Joseph R Biden Jr for your house, The White House. For Peace, Jobs, US Constitution, Liberty and Justice for all. Equally!

    Who killed Bonie Ramsey? That little girl? Polygamy Mormons and Polygamists would want it covered up! Killer and rapist and incest, sex offender gets out he could go to the White House. Stains on the carpets, broken furniture, lies, and more. Want this in the White House?

    Sex Offender in prison and cousin to Romney is in the papers on your news stand. Globe and these types it is there. You cannot say you didn’t have the chance to read it. Mitt Romney’s face was in the photos of those papers and the stories of rage and anger and threats and polygamy have been written in the news and in your town and my town.

    Keep the anger and rage and DNA out of the White House . Protect your children, wife, husband and home.

    Vote Obama and Biden, Democratic. Amen. Get the news out! Hurry!

    Please translate and get the message out to as many as possible! Hurry! Thank you. Amen.

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